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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a garage?

Once you have found a site/sites you are interested in, we recommend that you carry out an external viewing of the property to aid your decision. Please note that some sites have security gates and access may therefore be restricted.
How big are the garages?

Most are a standard size of approximately 16ft x 8ft (5m x 2.5m), however some larger double garages are available and some also have electricity.
How do I sign up for a garage?

Either at our offices situated at 85 Hornsey Road, Anfield, Liverpool L4 2TW or by prior arrangement at the garage site or at your home address.
What requires signing?

Our standard terms and conditions Garage Agreement along with completion of a standing order mandate for on-going payments through the bank on the 1st of each month thereafter.
What information will I need to provide?

Details of your bank account for the standing order mandate to be completed and proof of who you are and your address. A photo driving Licence normally covers both of these requirements.
Is a deposit required?

Yes, the deposit required is currently one months rental and is refundable at the expiration of the rental agreement subject to all clauses being adhered to, i.e. left clean and tidy with locks in place and the correct notice to vacate given, etc.
What does my first payment consist of?

The initial payment includes the deposit together with the pro-rata rental, calculated from the date of signing to the end of the current month. If there is less than 10 days to the end of the current month then the following months rental will also have to be paid initially too.
How is the monthly rental paid?

On the 1st day of each month by standing order though your bank.
What is the maximum / minimum period I can rent a garage for?

There is no maximum period as it is a monthly rolling Agreement until such time as three months notice is given in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. The minimum term therefore is three months.
What should I consider when using a garage for storage?

We would recommend that if using the garage for storage, like with storage of any item in any facility, items should be placed off the ground and on pallets, goods should not be stacked hard against walls - allowing ventilation, and items are appropriately covered with polythene or similar.
Do I have to pay rates on my lock up garage?

Currently, as from April 1990, rates are no longer applicable on lock up garages.
Who insures my goods?

We do not accept any responsibility for motor vehicles/goods stored in the garages, nor the use of any access/egress and we therefore suggest that if insurance is required you contact your own insurers.
How much Notice do I have to give to give up the lock up garage?

The standard notice period is three months from a rent due date; i.e. from the 1st day of a month. See the Garage Agreement for further details.
Can I transfer to another garage if the garage or location is no longer suitable?

Yes, subject to prior arrangement with our office and a discretionary 25.00 administration charge.
Who is responsible for maintenance of the garage?

We operate our own in-house maintenance team to satisfy any queries that you may have. However, you would be responsible for ensuring the door workings/locks are kept oiled and that any problems are reported before they deteriorate.
How can I find out more?

Please call our Lettings Team on 0151 263 4230, or to submit an enquiry click here and we will contact you.